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Crosswell Services Ltd. supply a range of services to the flat sheet manufacturing industry (woven or non-woven). From service of measurement equipment through to complete measurement and control systems. We have been providing these services for over 18 years.

Our mission is to find a bespoke solution to any measurment requirement

Our services include:

C.S.L. have systems in the UK and throughout Europe (Netherlands, France and Turkey for example) and have also installed systems in the USA.

Our customers include:

The majority of these customers have placed repeated system orders, further proving our high performance systems reliability and cost effectiveness along with our valued technical support.

C.S.L. Control Applications include:


Fast Start Up  

Supervisory Control


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Sales Information on +44 (0)1255 886876

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Technical  support

Technical Information:  Peter Vince on   +44 (0)1255 886876

The Crosswell Services Ltd. Who’s Who

Peter - Technical Director, Software, Sensors & R.P.S.

Malc  - Financial Controller & Office Manager (ACA)

Victor - Machine shop engineer & Stores

Mike  - Engineering & Software (Apprentice)

Elena - Research & Development. (Prof)  

Customer reference sites are available on request.

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C.S.L service and support a large number of other vendors systems and have upgraded 20* scanners to either C.S.L. sensors, hardware and software or a combination of the these. C.S.L also have 36* complete scanning systems in the field with a large number of repeat orders from very satisfied customers. Repeat orders, word of mouth orders and enquiries make us extremely proud and we strive to ensure our good reputation for service, support and reliability will continue. Everyone at Crosswell Services Limited wants to see our business grow out of the high regard our customers have for us.

* Number quoted as of 1st October 2013

Crosswell Services Ltd.

Primrose Hill,



CO11 2TZ, England.

+44 (0)1255 886876



In most cases the CRE process control applications are in use, controlling calendars, dies, haul off, nips, stretch,heat and driers.

Using fast scan speeds and preset controls CSL facilitates rapid machine start up.

The CSL 52 loop supervisory controller can communicate across the plant for tailored performance and precise control.  

In some of the above applications CSL employ CCD inspection techniques for defect and edge detection as well as width measurement.