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Myskyns was originally built approximately 100 years ago as a market garden. Set in over 1 acre of ground with orchards and with it's own natural spring the property was ideally suited to this task. The single story dwelling (shown at the top right of the photograph) has been continually improved over the years. Back in world war II Myskyns had a bomb shelter built in the grounds and was used by the home guard as part of the defence of Harwich docks. In more recent times the estate has been used as a campsite. Situated adjacent to a protected bird reserve made this a very popular holiday attraction.

Travelling to Crosswell

Myskyns, Crosswell’s main operation, is situated in the Essex countryside in the small village of Wrabness near the river Stour. Close to both Harwich port (10 minutes drive or by train) and Standsted international airport (35 minutes drive) and with easy access to the A12 (South) and A14 (North). Therefore travel throughout the UK, Europe and beyond is extremely simple from this location. By road from London the distance is 68 miles using the M11 North and A120 East. From the North use either the M1-A14-M11 South or A1(M)-A14 East. Then by either route take A120 East.

Wrabness Village has it's own railway station with links to London (1 hour 10 Minutes), Colchester (15 Minutes) and from either the rest of the UK rail network. The railway line that serves Wrabness also serves Harwich docks making European travel even more convenient by boat train. Wrabness Station is 5 minutes walk from Crosswell’s offices.

Crosswell's history with Myskyns

Crosswell began converting Myskyns in February 2001 and have since constructed purpose built workshops and offices (shown at the bottom right area of the photograph). The facilities at Myskyns have had large amount investments made into them to produce a first class manufacturing and production facility. Take a look at the < Facilities > page for more information. With good parking and great communications yet set in a rural surrounding, Myskyns has proved an extremely popular choice to base our operations.


In the winter of 2002-3 the original, ancient orchard was renovated and an above ground heated swimming pool with sun deck was also added. So now we all looking forward to spring and summer lunch breaks in these beautiful settings, in fact sometimes it’s hard to get the staff to go home.......

C.S.L. Myskyns Facility.

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Crosswell's Customer Support

With Stansted airport just 35 minutes drive and Harwich Port only 10 minutes drive from our offices world wide travel is almost instantly available. With the major trunk roads (A12,A14,M11) some of the least cluttered in the UK travel around the UK is also extremely easy. This helps C.S.L. get engineers on site with minimal delays on the rare occasions our 24/7 phone and online support can not solve our customers issues.