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Key Features of the WinGauge  OPAC V5

Windows 7 & 8 based software allows easy use, operators just point and click. Supervisors can use the fast editing features to tailor the system. The new system is compatible with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 7 and 8. MS-Dos systems are still supported via Opac version 3. Visit the Software Pages for examples of the easy to use operator pages.

Built in standard Data base.

The system comes with a choice of standard data base manager ( dBase Or Paradox for windows) plus any other Windows based database of your choice. You can even choose the optional SQL manager to connect to a remote database of your choice. On line and off line searches and browsers make all the reporting information available quickly and simply. Searches can be defined to tailor the performance of the data base to your requirements.

Flexible SPC/QC output.

Because the software is windows based the scope for data analysis is endless. Simply cut and paste information into you favourite windows application. Or even better why not use the power of the Windows DDE/OLE to embed the information from the gauge directly into you favourite windows application. The Gauge will the automatically update that application as new data becomes available. No more time consuming print out's and data entry operations.

Built in page designer.

The system allows you to draw, in any package that supports 256 colour BMP images, you own pages and then add live data to them. No need to shut the system down to update the pages, simply design on line or off line and add the new images to the system. Then decide which data you want displayed and where. Profiles and trends are are fully scalable, allowing you to display both at the same time.

Off line and remote users.

The gauge software can be run off line allowing you to use the database and cut/paste features away from the machine. The system can be networked to your office PC allowing you to work on line and off line in the peace of your office.

New network Capability.

The new software supports a whole host of network systems. In fact any system that Windows supports. Novell, TCP/IP, Windows for work Groups, NETBUI and many more.

Backward compatibility.

The system is fully backward compatible allowing quick installation with existing Systems, Upgrade Systems, Scanner ISCU's, Camera ISCU, IR ISCU's, Fixed Head Systems and Remote Stations. Installation is usually completed in 3 to 5 days depending on the complexity of the existing equipment.


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