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Obsolescence Free

Crosswell systems have been design to be obsolescence free. The hardware is based around PC technology which just improves with age. Faster PC's replace slower but the hardware still works without modification. CSL only use standard components (with the exception of sensors) to build their systems. The ability to change the base hardware without any need to upgrade the ancillary components means that you will no longer do you here the cry...

"That unit is now obsolete, but we can sell you a new one"

Away from the computer CSL also stay with industrial standard components, such as OPTO 22 devices, Printers, Monitors etc. Not only do you lose the obsolescence problem, by using standard components CSL can also dramatically reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a system.

Above a C.S.L. 52 loop supervisory control node and one of our long serving Beta Gauges.

Sensors for all measurements

Crosswell have a wide range of sensor technologies including:

All in Static or Scanning forms.

Crosswell already have solutions for:

Each of these systems can be tailored to meet you individual requirements and can also be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

Show above is the C.S.L. Multi sensor head(Beta, X-Ray & laser) mounted on an O-frame scanner.

Crosswell Scanner Details

C.S.L. Laser Gauge in action.

C.S.L. Beta Sensor & Scanner in Action

The C.S.L. Beta gauge and scanner have a proven track record of reliability and accuracy. Our scanners have been running for Beta gauge scanner, as shown here, has been running for over 15 years now without any bearing changes, belt changes or any mechanical failure. The brush less 3 phase motors and digital head position encoders have all proven extremely robust even in the harshest of environments.

Keeping to the original concept of the modular design of the scanner, C.S.L. use a snap on snap off modular cable assembly. Even the scanners robotic cable serving can be accomplished in under 3 minutes. The entire cable assembly unplugs and is removed in seconds to be replaced with a new stand by assembly in the shortest possible time imaginable.

The motor and scanner mechanics are protected by a nylon initial drive shaft. Should the scanner jam on or be pulled aggressively by wayward product, the shaft shears and is replaced in 5 minutes ready for use again with no mechanical damage incurred. The diagnostics of the system

has been made as simple as possible. Power supplies are shown at the end of the scanner indicating good or bad state. Now you don’t even need a multi-meter to diagnose the system. Inside every function is indicated by LED’s so a service engineer can check the function of the system. Rapid fault finding has been very carefully thought through so that from the point our engineer logs onto your system we can ask very simple questions of the operator or on site service personnel and get to the bottom of the problem in amazing short periods of time. No more waiting for a service engineer to arrive and no more massive call out charges.

C.S.L service and support a large number of other vendors systems and have upgraded 20* scanners to either C.S.L. sensors, hardware and software or a combination of the these. C.S.L also have 36* complete scanning systems in the field with a large number of repeat orders from very satisfied customers. Repeat orders, word of mouth orders and enquiries make us extremely proud and we strive to ensure our good reputation for service, support and reliability will continue. Everyone at Crosswell Services Limited wants to see our business grow out of the high regard our customers have for us.

* Number quoted as of 1st October 2013

Crosswell Services Ltd.

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