Crosswell Services Limited


The power behind the hardware

Crosswell Supply a range of measurement, control and inspection software. The software can and has used operating systems such as:

having been developed over the years from MS- DOS, Windows 95/98,2000 & NT.  

Along with these operating system comes the power of networks and communications such as:

Power and Simplicity

Control can be established using either Serial, Digital or Analog methods. Using the Crosswell Real Time Control Editor (CRE) you are free to design you own control strategy with up to 54 loops available as standard.

The whole software package is based around industry standard data bases such as:

And many many more.

Add to this the Crosswell Spread Sheet and suddenly the whole package can be tailored to suit you needs now and customised by you as your requirements change or grow. Any item on the spread sheet can be displayed on any of the pages even values you create yourself. Add a new speed signal to the system, use the spread sheet to scale the new signal, then place the new speed onto a trend. It's as simple as that !

Software Features

Other pages on the system enable:

All this information is available to any PC, Laptop, tablet or Smart phone anywhere at any time. Problem solve, schedule production, monitor performance from  factory floor, office or home. Even show your potential customers your production process live or your customised QA information reports from the comfort of your office or theirs.


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